Experienced Mortgage Advisors in Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire

Our expert mortgage advisors talk you through every stage of your mortgage application. From researching all of your options, through to moving into your new home, we help with everything. Based in Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire, The Mortgage Helpers is here whenever you need us, and we’re able to work on applications at all stages.

The Mortgage Process

Stage One – Getting to Know You

This is when we meet you for the first time, and we start to explore what you need from a mortgage. By getting lots of information on your situation and aspirations, we’re able to give you the best advice.

Stage Two – Tell Us What You Want

We’re able to find scores of mortgages, but not all of them are suitable for you and your situation. We want to fully understand your preferences, and then find the perfect mortgage for you based on them.

Stage Three – The Research

Once we fully understand your situation and requirements, our team of mortgage helpers search the market for the most suitable products. The fact that we have access to the whole market means that you’re sure to receive the best mortgage offers possible. We’re also able to get exclusive rates from lenders, which allow you to make your mortgage more affordable.

Stage Four – Your Mortgage

Once we’ve found the perfect mortgage, we present a range of deals to you. By working together, we make a choice that best fits you, and give you a detailed breakdown of the mortgage that you choose. This allows you to see the fees, payments, and terms so that there are no surprises in the future. Everything is provided in writing, so that you’re able to read the details at your leisure.

Stage Five – The Mortgage Application

Using online systems, we’re able to make offers to lenders. We complete all forms, collect any evidence, and send everything to the relevant lender. By liaising with the lender on your behalf, we’re able to deal with all problems and unforeseen circumstances proactively.

Final Stage – The Mortgage Offer

Once the lender is satisfied with you and the property that you’ve chosen, a mortgage offer is provided. It is then down to you and your legal team to complete the purchase of the property. We remain available if you have any questions, and are also able to push things along if necessary. Details are kept on file, and this is useful if any problems crop up in the future.

Moving Home

Whether this is your first, third, or twentieth home, moving is always exciting. We take care of all the logistics, which allows you to focus on packing and planning for your new home. Our guidance is available throughout the process, and is relevant for selling your old property, as well as buying a new one.